Civ-kritiskt motstånd till sjöss i Pittsburgh


As twenty leaders of the world’s richest countries arrive in Pittsburgh this Thursday, September 24th, they will be confronted by the forces of the nihilist Navy, a manifestation of the myriad escapees from the totality of coercive social relationships who have found refuge and sanctuary on the water.

In our analysis the G-20 represents a central institution in the orchestration of global hegemony and their project to invade the last autonomous spaces on this planet. We recognize the participants of this meeting as our enemies, and are therefore preparing an armada of vessels sailing under the black flag to blockade the waters surrounding the David Lawrence convention center on the opening day of the G-20 Summit.


While our comrades on land resist the G-20 in the streets, we will focus our resistance on the waterways that are our home. As with every situation in which the marginalized confront the rich and powerful, our force of barges, rafts, sailboats, and assorted craft will appear ramshackle in the face of the modern vessels of the U.S. Military. This however is just the beginning in a long strategy of actions by the nihilist Navy as part of a global insurrection against the network of domination and terror known today as “civilization.”

In addition to the blockade of September 24th, our fleet will be drawing attention to the struggle of the Somali pirates by the take the following actions:

1. Starting the week of the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh, anarchist naval forces will harass, blockade, and board any vessels that are part of the coal infrastructure responsible for the destruction of our mountains, streams, and homes through mining. There will be no mercy for those who profit by burning coal that makes our air more cancerous with every breath. Like the pirates of Somalia, we are spurred to action against those who use our community as an environmental sacrifice zone. They believe we are powerless to stop them, but like the pirates, we will prove them wrong.

2. Anarchist naval forces will also board and bombard any cruise vessels hosting parties for the wealthy, re-appropriating the assets of all party-goers for use on environmental restoration and social housing needs. Like the pirates, we will take direct action to re-appropriate the riches of the wealthy, stolen from us under the guise of free trade.

We are taking these actions in direct response to the brutal acts of G-20 nations against the Somali pirates. The military response to the pirates demonstrates once again how the protection of free trade is more important than human life, especially the lives of those outside the G-20 nations.

Like the pirates, we refuse to wait for political solutions while the resources that could meet the needs of all are hoarded by a few right under our noses.h

Like the pirates, we refuse to accept the state’s definition of an appropriate response when all the power of the state is built on the threat and acts of state violence.

We encourage every possible re-appropriation of the wealth stolen from us all under the guise of ‘free trade’ and global commerce – the scheme to make a few bankers rich at our expense.

We bid safe passage to all crew members on the vessels we have targeted for action. Do not fight on behalf of our mutual oppressor and you shall have nothing to fear from us.

We acknowledge that this is a war. We are taking action not to “protest” or to make demands. We will act in our small way as part of the fight against the hydra-headed capitalist death machine, with no delusions as to how we will be treated by it’s henchmen in uniform. Just as the Somalis have been brutalized, and the Pirate Utopias of old were demonized and exterminated, we expect no better. But, we could not live with ourselves if we did not seize this opportunity for attack in a world where our possibilities for free action diminish daily. When we meet in conflict, we are fighting for our lives; there will be no quarter asked and no quarter given.

-The Anarcho-Nihilist Naval Militia


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