FLT Mexiko brände lastbil 7/8

Jordens Befrielsefront, Mexiko, brände den 7/8 en lastbil som används för att transportera vatten i urbaniseringsområden.

Kommunike på engelska:

"In the clandestine darkness, on a tranquil and hot night, we assembled our dream with gasoline that would soon be fire. We walk under the ghosts of the trees already destroyed, only our breathing and steps we could hear. During this night, everything went well.

We arrived at our objective, a truck full of water, utilized to squander hundreds of liters of water for the earth that civilization would later lick, urbanizing it and leaving it completely infertile, all for the construction of streets where zombies wander. We placed our device in the front rim of the truck and we hid behind urban flora. A small spark of happiness suffices to illuminate a sad night of agony.

Our dark clothes camouflage with the shadows, and the luminous and round moon lit the truck that in some minutes would begin to burn. The incendiary was lit and began to burn the the rim, the chest, and later, slowly, the cabin of the truck would be eaten. A great cloud rose to the skies, as we felt a great emotion in our bodies. The flames were large, as large as our desire to see the dying civilization burn.

In the company of the stars, we admired our completed action, behind the trees, just as the panther visualizes its prey. Suddenly, the deafening noise of chaos, of neighbors, and of sirens were heard. An ambulance arrived, firemen arrived and the cars that were near the smoke began to flee. The deafening sound was the sound of the motor of the truck exploding. The social peace had been destroyed. Exploiters of the earth received their punishment, the truck was rendered useless and we once again struck without leaving any trail.

Revenge for the land, the trees, the mountains, the water and everything that signifies wild nature turned into merchandise for the anthropocentric human! We will continue in the fight.

Earth Liberation Front/Mexico

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